Petrography_ Rod Scott the award winning photographer


  • Beautiful photo’s with my gorgeous ‘Bubbles’. You’re very professional yet humble. I can see your passion and love for animals. Thank you so much for capturing these precious moments Rod.
    — Mira
  • Awesome, Rod! I don't have to tell YOU how talented a photographer you are! But I will anyway. Your work is so beautiful and sometimes breathtaking!
    — Jane
  • Rod is an amazing photographer, a true professional who has the ability to take effortlessly stunning photos. My dog was a difficult subject to say the least, but Rod was able to work with us and the results were truly amazing. His experience and love for animals really shows in his work. He has captured our dog's true spirit in his photos and for that we are forever grateful.
    — Shelley
  • I honestly could not recommend Rod Rod Scott the petographer any higher! He is the best photographer I've come across and it's for this reason amongst others that I've used him exclusively for over ten years. His prices are competitive to say the least and he works with the client and their needs. I'll always use The Petographer for photos of my animals and my family portraits.
    — Anonymous
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About Rod

Rod Scott is an award-winning Queensland Photographer. Whether he's photographing people or animals, Rod takes his time to get to know and truly understand what makes his subjects tick. His photographs will showcase the true spirit of your beloved child or pet. How he manages to do this has often baffled, amazed and delighted people who are in awe of his photos.

You may be asking yourself, "Why should I choose Rod Scott to photograph my family or pet?". Rod's vivid photographs are breathtakingly-alive with humor, style and personality, much like the man himself. Rod's many years of capturing so many different subjects through the lens of his camera have given him the ability to bring out their best in an uncanny way.