Dayboro Rodeo

Well I went to the Rodeo last Sunday at Dayboro , it was a fun day with lots of competitors and some very nice riding. First was the steer roping , then Bullriding  It was great to watch and photograph ,  Next the Ladies competed in the Barell racing and some nice riding on display there also 

Pet Photography Brisbane
Pet Photographer Brisbane

Nov 2017

I havent blogged for a while so thought i would update, my next adventure is starting very soon with a relocation back to Brisbane tomorrow. Its been heaven the last 6 yrs living on acreage in the Gold Coast hinterland,my dog Kodak grew up here  and hes had a ball with all the creeks that run through here more as soon as Ive moved!!! 

Rod scott pet photography

Xmas Photo Sessions Rod Scott Photography

Kodak meets Santa Well another year nearly done and dusted.All in all its been a great year , lots of new and exciting photo shoots and plenty of time spent with my boy on the farm and his fav water holes . Kodak loves the water , so we try to get to a creek or the beach daily , depending on the weather.

Kodak met Santa and gave him a big slobbery kisss , which went over well . Such a happy little fella LOL